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Monetize your audience. Find advertisers who want to buy ads on your channel on your terms.

Notifications of incoming requests via a bot. Connect your channel in just a few minutes and don’t miss a chance to earn. The smart bot @buzzim_bot will send a notification as soon as an advertiser asks to advertise on your channel. You can accept or reject the advert directly in the bot—even from your mobile phone. The bot can work with several channels at once.

Pre-moderating of adverts. You decide who you want to work with and when: all advertising proposals depend on your approval If an advertiser suggests a date and time that doesn’t suit you, you can suggest an alternative.

Managing adverts from the bot. All site functionality is available via @buzzim_bot: adding channels, approving advert posts, withdrawal of funds and review of planned adverts.

Additional traffic from search engines. At registration all channels receive a personal page in the form, optimized for the Yandex and Google search engines.

Advertising at your price. You set the price at which you want to sell advertising. You can compare your prices with those of competing channels, but the final decision is yours.


Place advertising in Telegram channels on transparent terms. Run a successful advertising campaign in your preferred Telegram channels in just a few clicks.

Convenient channel filters. You can use various criteria to find the channels that are best suited to your advertising: topic, region, number of subscribers and price per post.

Place adverts in several channels at once. You can achieve maximum coverage by placing a post in several channels at once, with separate terms for each channel.

Guaranteed placement. After you place an advertising order, the money is frozen in the system until the order is executed. If the channel owner does not publish the advertisement or removes it less than 48 hours after posting, the money is fully refunded to your account.

Decisions based on objective data. You can study channel statistics before deciding which channels to advertise on. Owners of channels can’t massage the statistics: they are collected automatically.

Monitor advertising campaigns using a bot. @buzzim_bot fully duplicates functionality of the site: apply to advertise, watch the responses of channel owners, track how your adverts are working.


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Russian Federation
Телеграм каналы
137975 5,000
Tiny logo ibratliИбратли Дунё
137916 2,500
Russian Federation
Tiny logo teleblogТелеблог
136908 25,000
Russian Federation
Tiny logo funxdУлётные приколы😂
135141 5,800
Tiny logo qiziqarli manzilҚизиқарли Манзил
123650 2,500
Russian Federation
Tiny logo flibusta📚 книжное братство
110153 7,000
Russian Federation
Tiny logo stlbnkКак я встретил столбняк
93398 3,600
Russian Federation
Tiny logo tgmultiКаталог - Telegram Multi
82653 1,700
Russian Federation
Tiny logo instagrammnews📽🎤Instagram and News 😁
77015 1,800
Russian Federation
Tiny logo russiatelegrammТелеграмм Онлайн
76877 2,000
Russian Federation
Tiny logo perchykКаталог Каналов Telegram
71246 1,500
Russian Federation
Tiny logo dagdanceDagDance
68596 3,000
Russian Federation
Tiny logo humor rusВЫЖЕРОДИТЕЛИ
66720 1,500
Russian Federation
Tiny logo blackgramchannelКаталог Channels
63125 2,000
Russian Federation
Tiny logo shlitbooksШедевры литературы - Книги
59469 2,500
Russian Federation
Tiny logo gifcollectionGif Collection
59340 2,500
Russian Federation
Tiny logo biblioБиблиотека. Рассказы. Книги
59083 2,200
Russian Federation
Tiny logo trivialstoriesfromlifeПошлые истории
56826 3,700
Tiny logo dublyaj zortv tarona📊 AXBAROT 📃
55121 799
Russian Federation
Tiny logo photoapparatФотоаппарат
51767 7,000
Subscribers 0 Total cost: 0 RUB

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s special about
The service enables advertisers to create their own advertising campaigns and channel owners to monetize their audience.
What makes advertising in Telegram so popular and profitable,
The number of people using Telegram messenger is growing every month and its audience is young (aged 23-35), active and solvent. Advertisers get maximum response from advertising their products/brands on Telegram channels because there are no inactive users on Telegram.
How much does it cost to advertise on Telegram?
Every channel owner sets the price to advertise independently. You can view the price on any channel in the directory.
What guarantees does give? uses an automatic quality control system to ensure that adverts are published. If a channel owner rejects your application to advertise, or if he/she removes the post earlier than 48 hours after publication we will refund your money. Channel owners only receive payment for advertising that is duly placed.
I have an idea for improving functionality. How can I tell you about it?
Send your idea or suggestion to us at or directly to the bot @buzzimsupport. We will certainly consider it.
How can I contact you ?
By mail at or via the bot @buzzimsupport
How do I withdraw money?
To withdraw money, you must have at least 1000 rubles on your balance. Money can be withdrawn to cards of Russian banks or to an electronic wallet in Yandex.Money, WebMoney and Qiwi.
How do I link my Telegram account with the site?
Click on «Start right now» and select ‘Enter via Telegram’. You will be assigned a special code. Copy it and send it to our bot @buzzim_bot. You can then link an email address: click on ‘Add an E-Mail address’ in the top right corner.
How do I publish an advert?
Select the Telegram channel that interests you from the directory, then create your campaign. The advertising is sent to the channel owner for approval of content, format, date and time. If the date or time do not suit the channel owner, he/she can suggest a alternative.
How long will my post stay on the channel?
The rules of are that each advert must stay on the channel for at least 48 hours. If the channel owner deletes the advert earlier, we refund your money.
How do I top up the balance on my account?
You can add money on your account by going to ‘balance’. You can top up using VISA, Mastercard и MIR bank cards, and also from your electronic wallet in Yandex.Money, WebMoney and QIWI.
Why place adverts via instead of contacting channel owners directly?
Direct contact is risky: the owner may forget to place your advert at the right time, not see your request, or delete the advert ahead of time. Our service offers safeguards. Money paid for advertising is frozen in the system until the channel owner carries out his/her commitments. Our bot monitors all channels in the directory and checks compliance with the publication terms. Working with ensures that you can advertise your business in Telegram efficiently and without fear of scams.
When does the channel owner publish my advertising?
The channel owner has 48 hours to accept or reject your request to advertise. If he/she has not responded in that time, your money is refunded to your account. We will also refund your money if you have agreed a time for the advertising, but the post does not go out, or if the post stays on the channel for less than 48 hours.
How do I add a channel to the directory?
You need to include our bot @buzzim_bot in your channel administrators. You can then add the channel to the directory via your account in the system.
Registration for channel owners
How soon will my channel show up in the directory?
How soon will my channel show up in the directory? The channel appears in the directory as soon as it is added via the site or via @buzzim_bot.
Can you refuse to take my channel?
We only take channels with live users. If the majority of your channel's subscribers are bots, we can’t include it in the directory. We reserve the right to remove any channel that does not meet the requirements of the system.
How much time do I have to accept a request to advertise?
48 hours, after which the request is deleted.
How is information about channel subscribers updated?
Our @buzzim_bot independently collects data for all channels once a day and uses it to update statistics in the directory.
How soon does money reach my account?
Money reaches your account 2–4 business days after an advertising request is submitted.
How do I find your bot?
Enter @buzzim_bot in the Telegram search bar and add the bot to your contacts. This works on any device, except for the web version.
My channel is registered in, why don’t I see statistics?
Statistics are shown 24 hours after your channel joins our service.
Do I have to make @buzzim_bot a channel administrator?
Yes, otherwise our service can’t operate. The bot sends notifications of new requests, publishes and removes advertising posts. The bot helps you to adjust your price for advertising, check your balance and withdraw funds


Contact us
Telegram support: @buzzimsupport
Our bot: @buzzim_bot

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